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Dear NGS Coach or Guardian -

Welcome back (or to for the first time) to The Positive Coaching App! 

The fall season is right around the corner so let's jump right in!

1) Use your "NGS file" email address – To access your TPCA account please use the email address that NGS has for you on file in Blue Sombrero. If you use a different email address you will not be able to access your NGS Team. To change your preferred email address, please contact registrar@newtongirlssoccer.org

2) Support – If you ever have any questions or need assistance feel free to reach out via email or phone. David Kopans is your point of contact and can be reached at 617-947-2454 / Dave.k@pfloop.com

3) Exciting updates coming soon – TPCA is in the process of being upgraded based on terrific feedback from everyone at NGS. Stay tuned for a BIG BEAUTIFUL update to the iOS App and significant enhancements to email communications.

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