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Connected to pSnap, the world’s first Positivity Platform Service!

"Everybody needs a little bit of a positive push in their life, whether its sharing moments made in your life with other people or seeing other people's positive moments in their lives to inspire you to be positive. I think it's a fantastic idea." - Beta Tester

The Positive Coaching App is built by PF Loop, a group of creative, positive, and thankful people who create
software and deliver services that help people Make More Positive® in the world.

Positive coaches

  • Record and save feedback for your players.
  • Send positive private messages to foster positive team culture.
  • Track your positive coaching progress over time with analytics.

Connected to the cloud

All your data is safely stored and accessible from any internet-connected device. It's easy to recall positive moments when you want.


The Positive Coaching App is positively ad-free so coaches can focus on coaching without distractions.

The Positive Coaching App

For people who care about winning in life

Only 0.03% of the 16+ million kids playing sports today will turn pro*. 

But 100% of these of kids will grow up to be teammates at work and in relationships (family and friends). What's learned playing sports make a difference in life. 

The Positive Coaching App service was built to make a difference in life. Yes, it gets everyone to the game.  Yes, it helps organize who is bringing snacks. Yes, yes, yes. It does all the things other regular sports apps do. 

But The Positive Coaching App service also does what all other sports apps fail to do. Through innovative features (some patented!) and its unique approach it helps Coaches, Players, and Parents get the most out of the sports experience.

The Positive Coaching App service helps win off the field, in life.

* Based on stats provided by NCAA and The Aspen Institute

Positive teams

  • Build confidence on and off the field.
  • Each player will have a bank of positive feedback they can use to inspire them through tough times.
  • Easily send positive feedback to teammates in the App and through their connected pSnap accounts.
  • Parents share in the positivity by receiving notifications when their child gets a message from the Coaching staff. 

Build a positive team with The Positive Coaching App

High performing teams have a 5:1 positive-to-negative interactions ratio. 



Build a positive team with The Positive Coaching App

Athletes learn more and perform better when they are in a positive emotional state.

Connects with 

"As a coach with prior experience, this would very much help me and also would show my players that I truly believe in them and have positive feedback for them." - Beta Tester.

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How does a coach use the app?

Before, during, or after a game or practice coaches can review, add, or modify players’ records. Simple, yet powerful data visualizations help busy coaches track their coaching activities to make sure they are coaching players the best and most positive way possible.

Can multiple coaches on one team use the app?

Yes! The app supports full coach collaboration. All of a team’s coaches are able to create, view, modify, and send pSnaps, Look Fors, and Coach Notes. Coaches with “Admin” privileges can manage the roster.

What does it cost?

Nothing, it’s FREE! Our goal at PF Loop (creators of the app and pSnap Platform) is to Make More Positive® in the world. So, the basic version of The Positive Coaching App is free. Additional “Pro-Version” features will be available for a small charge.

What operating systems does the app run on?

All of them! To make The Positive Coaching App available to as many people as possible it runs as a web app. No download required, and it works on desktop or mobile.


Can kids use the app?

Yes! The app not only connects to players' pSnap accounts but it also enables players to log in and view the positive messages they are sending to their teammates. Players have access to the same powerful analytics and data visualizations as their coaches. Positively awesome!

What's a pSnap account?

pSnap is the world's first positivity platform service, and it's connected to The Positive Coaching App. pSnap is a positive social networking site where users can create and send private messages (called pSnaps) , save their messaging, and rank and measure their positivity. Players can sign up for a free pSnap account if they want, where they will be able to view all of their pSnaps. It's not a requirement for coaches to realize full benefits of the app, but an added bonus for players. 

Is there a cost for a pSnap Account?

Just like The Positive Coaching App, the pSnap Platform Service is free. It's part of our effort at PF Loop to Make More Positive! We hope you and your team will join us.

Tablet and desktop views to see the whole picture on your dashboard.

Available on desktop and mobile

Mobile views optimized for fast action during practice and games!

Access each player on your roster and take notes or record other information that will help that player improve. 

Use analytics to measure how many positive messages you're sending to each player. See where you can improve!

Coach your team better by creating, tracking, and leveraging:

 • pSnaps
positive, motivational messages

 • Look Fors
areas where a player has the opportunity to improve

 • Coach Notes
anything a coach wants to remember about a player

Try The Positive Coaching App for free!

Yes! I want to try The Positive Coaching App

Coaches use The Positive Coaching App's messaging features to send positive messages to players during / after practice and games. These messages are saved in the App. 

Players receive the message by email and in their pSnap accounts. These positive messages are saved in their pSnap account so they can review them whenever they want a positive reminder. Guardians automatically receive a copy of all Coach messages by email and in their pSnap account. 

Players can also share and send positive messages to each other via their own pSnap accounts. 




With the The Positive Coaching App, your team is only a few easy taps away from being truly high-performing on and off the field!







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